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40% of U.S. workers have saved
less than $25,000 for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

Only 42% of Americans know how
much money to save for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement Confidence Survey, EBRI

43% of retirees left
the workforce earlier
than planned.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

Our Services

We offer a range of fee-based financial plans, as well as particular product strategies. The initial consultation is free. During this meeting, we will mutually explore your financial situation using our "21 Point" Financial Planning Review system to determine the appropriate level of planning necessary. Depending upon the complexity of your situation, an appropriate plan will be suggested. The fee is then agreed upon before the work begins.

Our financial planning services include our C.A.R.E. program which typically covers most (if not all) of the subjects below, depending on your needs:

  • Cash Management:  Analysis of your sources of income and liabilities that may aid in discussions surrounding personal cash management to meet your goals.
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning:  Analysis of your insurance needs and coverages, taking into account your accumulation goals, assets and liabilities, sources of income, and income needs for your beneficiary(ies) upon death, disability or long-term care needs.
  • Investment Planning:  Focuses on an analysis of investments, and appropriate adjustments to existing investments, based upon your description of your primary investment concerns, needs, goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and objectives. Discussions may involve descriptions and use of different types of investment vehicles such as equity, fixed income/debt, derivatives, unit trusts, real estate and portfolio management techniques and their respective applications to help meet your stated goals and objectives.
  • Retirement Planning:  Focuses on an analysis of the lump sum or periodic dollar commitment necessary to meet financial needs during retirement, taking into consideration your assets and liabilities, projected social security, pension or other retirement benefits and desired level of income.
  • Estate Planning:  Focuses on your estate needs, which includes taxation and administrative costs and an evaluation of estate reduction and tax payment techniques. It involves discussion of gifts, trusts, powers of attorney, wills and estate planning documents and re-titling of assets.

As a C.A.R.E. program client, you will receive a Client Asset Review Evaluation (CARE) conducted twice each year to determine if your financial plan continues to be consistent with your needs, goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck